Internship at Pronto Marketing


Time passes so fast. I can’t believe I spent two and a half months doing an internship at Pronto Marketing.

People at Pronto are really awesome. They dress casually like they’re at home. When I’m at Proton I feel like Protons (that’s how we call people who works at Pronto) are a big family. I believe it also has to do with the environment and the interior decoration. There are about 50 people at Pronto. The bosses are real nice, kind and easy-going. I think Pronto must be one of the coolest companies in Thailand.

I’ve learned a lot there. I learned to code in PHP and Python. I wrote a bunch of wordpress unit tests and functional tests. (it’s Agile.. and we also lacked of testers at that moment.) Pronto’s clients’ websites are powered by WordPress. So I got a chance to do many cool stuff for WordPress. I learned to use more-advance git, how to use a mac, to know a lot of commands, to created a high-quality theme framework and some WordPress plugins.

Have I said that they do Agile Development? I have only read it and heard about it before. I never got an image what’s the real, out-of-the-book Agile was and how people could do it. (It seemed too good to be true and hard to succeed in real life.) But after three iterations, I got a clear image and I think I might couldn’t be able to work without Agile. (Lean will do, but no waterfall please) There’s a great Agile coach at pronto. She’s a good mentor to the team. I learned a lot from her, not only work-related but also in everything. I think that team might not work out this great without her. The other protons in the team are also stellar. They’re super-great and kind to us interns. I really appreciate and I’m proud to be a part of the team. Thank you for everything, thank you so much R&D team. You’re the best!! 😀

Pronto MarketingDespite being an intern, I get all benefits as a Proton. I attend CSS classroom by a CSS legend, P’Porn ThaiCSS. I also attend English class and got to clean up my resume and my LinkedIn account, and speak English a little more correctly. All classes I took are provided by Pronto. They have also paid for the workshops. And the party is awesome. At Pronto, they really encourage their people to be better at what they do, and also to be happy at work.

Not only I had the chance to do so many things I wouldn’t be able to do at school, I also got the answer I’d always been questioning myself. Whether I can be a back-end developer, or to be frank, whether I can be a good back-end developer and whether I’m gonna love being one. And the answer to the both questions is yes. I also came to realize that I’d like to pursue my further education in Software Engineering. I love creating good apps and I love learning new stuff in software development. I like to keep pushing myself beyond the limits and see how far I can go. It’s challenging and lively.

I’d say internship is a great chance to find answers to the questions you have in mind. Last year I had a question about how professionals code and manage things. Then I did the internship at TiGERiDEA and I got more answers than I ever thought I would get.

Internship is also an opportunity to see new things. You learn a lot of things at school. But you have no idea what’s it like at the outside. When you’re at school, you have a blurry idea of your future. Then you go to work with professional people, you will get a much sharper image and you will know what you like to do and what’s not. Isn’t it great to find the thing you love to do, so that you can focus on it and be super-awesome at it?

FYI, You can apply for an internship at Pronto here. They’re open at the moment. Pronto is really as cool as their website looks.